Everything you need to know about Kanchanaburi
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Everything you need to know about Kanchanaburi!

Kanchanaburi is a town in Thailand that has a ton of natural attractions and historical places for you to visit. Yes, the place is popular for its war cemetery and other World War II related places but it sure has a lot of other attractions as well in the form of National Parks, waterfalls, hot water springs, unique temples and so on. Since the town has a lot of hotels of different price ranges, you can easily book a hotel for your accommodation according to your budget. To get an idea about how beautiful Kanchanaburi is and why you should not miss this gem of place during your visit to the country, let us look at all that the place has to offer.

Hidden places

Sai Yok National Park

Sai Yok National Park is one of the best national parks in the area, lying at the end of the Death Railway. The best part about this national park is the number of caves you can explore along with the picturesque waterfall present there. Lava Cave, Kaew Cave and Daowadeung Cave are some of the best caves in here. It surely is a place where you can just chill and relax.

Thong Pha Phume National Park

A sucker for trekking and exploring nature trails on your own? Thong Pha Phume National Park is for you as it allows you to get close to nature in a unique way. Go off-road camping or water-fall climbing or make an own trail of yours to reach the top of the hill, the activities you can do here aplenty. Hot water springs are also a unique attraction that you can explore here.

Cave systems

Kanchanaburi has an area deep inside the forest with multiple caves in it. For an adventure seeker, this is the place to be as you can explore the caves, waterfalls and the nearby forest in its purest form. Phu Toei Cave, Phra That Cave and Wang Badan Cave are some of the most significant caves among various others.

Best Things to do

Elephants World

Elephants are the most revered animals in the land of Thailand. However, due to rapid commercialization of everything, even the elephants have been mistreated lately with locals making them perform entertaining acts for a large paid audience. However, if you wish to see the elephants at their majestic best then the Elephants World in Kanchanaburi is the place to be. Here, instead of just sitting and looking at performances, you get to take care of the elephants by offering services like making a meal or bathing the elephants and so on.

Erawan National Park

Erawan National Park has the most popular waterfall in the country. With the 1500 m long waterfall flowing down over various tiers, the scenery is nothing short of magical. Furthermore, with a mix of wildlife through both flora and fauna, this is one place where you should definitely go while in Kanchanaburi. For a wildlife and landscape photographer, it is nothing short of a paradise.

Bridge on the River Kwai

Without a doubt, the Bridge on the River Kwai, is the most popular place in the whole of Kanchanaburi. The bridge is notoriously famous for being the bridge built during the World War II by Japanese troupes, because of which many locals lost their lives. It is also called as the War Bridge due to this. However, it still draws a huge number of tourists every year.

Ban Kao National Museum

Just 35 kms from Kanchanaburi, lies the archaeological site of with the remains from Neolithic era. Several decades ago, an allied prisoner of the war found the site and when the Thai officials did a proper research, they came out with more excavations like skeletons, ornaments, utensils and so on. Since then it has been converted into a museum.

Best time to visit

To be honest, the best time to visit Kanchanaburi is the winter season when the weather conditions are pleasantly cold and you do not have to worry about the scorching heat during the summer in Kanhanaburi.
You can visit in the summer as well but it can get really hot that time of the year and since almost all the activities are in the outdoors, it is advisable that you visit here in other seasons. The autumn and spring too can be a great time to visit but the rain might affect your trip a bit.
Moreover, the nightlife in the town, especially in the markets, is the best during the winters as it has the perfect temperature for you to just stroll around the streets.


  • Always cover your knees and shoulders with clothes, especially while visiting the temples.
  • Carry a mosquito repellent with you, especially during the rainy season and also when you are trekking or hiking through the forests or national parks.


  • Do not talk ill about the monarchy in any way.
  • Respect all the rules of the locals and always behave – do not keep your feet on the table or do anything disrespectful.

With so much to do for you in here with respect to adventure, exploring nature and understanding the place’s history, Kanchanaburi is surely the place to be, especially in the winter months.
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